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R Knights Bouncy Castle Hire Kent | Terms and Conditions

While we examine and maintain all of our equipment thoroughly, it is your responsibility to ensure that the product is safe before use. By signing this agreement you acknowledge and accept and adhere to the following instructions. 
1. All equipment has an age limit. Ensure that anyone that uses the equipment adheres to this. 
2. Ensure that a responsible adult is supervising the equipment at all times. 
3. Any dangerous items of clothing or accessories must be removed prior to using the equipment, including but not limited to: shoes, earrings and sunglasses. 
4. Do not use anything that will mark or stain the equipment, such as face paints and silly string. 
5. Keep any lit or hot combustible sources away from the equipment, including but not limited to barbecues and cigarettes. 
6. Do not climb or jump from the walls of the equipment. This is very dangerous and can result in serious injury. 
7. No food, drink or chewing gum is allowed on the equipment at any time. Not only does this run a risk to damaging the equipment, but it also poses a serious choking risk. 
8. Always make sure that the children sharing the equipment are of a comparable size and age to avoid injury. Also, avoid over-crowding, in a similar vein. 
9. Ensure that there is no fighting, pushing or any physical contact that could exacerbate or cause injury. 
10. No sharp objects, pets or toys allowed on the equipment. This can harm both the equipment and those who use it. 
11. Do not run side to side repeatedly. This can tip the equipment and cause serious injury. 
12. The front safety steps are only to aid children onto the equipment, and are not to be bounced on as it is possible to land off the equipment and cause serious injury. 
13. Ensure that no-one with back or neck problems use the equipment to avoid exacerbating their injuries. 
14. Do not allow anyone to use the equipment either during inflation or deflation. This can be extremely dangerous. 
15. Ensure that people do not attempt flips or summersaults. This can lead to serious injury such as paralysis. 
16. Make sure that there is at least three feet clearance on all sides of the equipment. 
17. Do not use the equipment if wet. This can cause injury. 
18. If heavy rain, or any other such situation where the equipment can get wet occurs, ensure that the equipment remains inflated and all electricals are covered. 
19. If the inflator stops working, ensure that anyone on the equipment comes off it immediately. Make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow, or that the fuses have gone. 

20. While we aim to give the longest possible time to enjoy our equipment, we offer a minimum guarantee of five hours of usage on the day of hire. 
21. Do not remove the pegs used to anchor the equipment to the ground. This can cause both damage to the equipment and pose a serious injury risk. 
Any and all persons that use the equipment provided do so at their own risk, and accept that R Knights Bouncy Castles cannot accept responsibility or held to account for any and all injury caused to anyone that uses their provided equipment. 
By signing this Disclaimer, I the hirer accept Sole Responsibility for the safety of persons using this equipment and agree to ensure it is supervised at all times by either myself or a responsible adult over the age of 18 whilst the equipment is being used and by signing this form I accept full liability for any injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. I confirm I have read and will adhere to all of the terms and conditions of hire as detailed above. 
By signing this form I agree and confirm that the equipment I have received is undamaged and clean, and I accept full responsibility for the condition of the equipment, and that I agree to pay for any losses caused by damage to the value of the full cost of the equipment. 
By singing this form, I also agree to pay a non-negotiable fee of £20.00 to R Knights Bouncy Castles if I return the equipment in an unacceptable condition, for example, if it is dirty, wet or muddy. This fee is to cover the cost of cleaning the equipment in order to make it suitable for use.